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Idle/ not really idling at all

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So im asking for suggestions on what people think is the problem with my 07' v6 it has 36000 miles, and when sitting at idle after any length of driving the idle in drive which is normally about 750 rpm on my car is below 750, and bounces, sometimes all the way down to 500rpm. It is so bad that the dealer said there is nothing that they can do, except a patch that is out there now for our nf's which is supposed to solve the problem if it only happens with in the first hour of operation. I had the ecu updated on monday, and it still is driving the same way, i have put more then 100 miles on since the update and i am kinda of out of ideas. Also it feels when in drive and on the brake at a light or stop sign, like its about to stall, and its an automatic if you dont know

I use injector cleaner regularly and i would like to seafoam the engine, i just dont know where a good vacuum hose is, if anyone would like to chime in on this it would be much appreciated.
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dont bother with seafoaming.. it doesnt do shat and serves no purpose

on a side note, does your car jolt alot around 1900rpm while coasting? i encountered through similar problems and at on point the car actually stalled and i had to restart my car...

i took it into the dealer and they refreshed the computer for my transmission and its seems fine now..
they already ran an update, and it coasts fine around 2k the seafoam in the tank helped a little bit, but didnt fix it completly i will be making an appointment for next week at some time to bring it back to the dealer again and this time have them feel it, because for some reason they couldnt feel it when i was there last time.
will do, and its kinda annoying, as i deliver as my job and i need to keep my job, im just hoping that its not gonna put my car out of commission for any length of time
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