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Hello. I'm Bob from New Orleans. I just bought a 2006 Sonata from a private owner in Cajun country on Saturday July 6, 2013. I bought the car because I needed a smaller vehicle to compliment my fleet of trucks (F650 and F250). I do hot shot work down here in Louisiana and this will help in making deliveries. Sometimes I get a call to deliver something very small and this automobile will do efficiently and with more comfort than my six speed manual diesel F250.

I was originally looking for 2003 Toyota Corolla but found that the Hyundai were much less expensive. After seeing the low prices I did some research and found that Hyundai began increasing their quality around 2002. I then narrowed down my search to the 5th generation Sonata (2005-2010) with a V6 because it was larger than a compact and within my budget of $5000.

On Criagslist I found a woman in Opelousas, Louisiana that had one for $4500. It was loaded; leather seats and such. It was advertised as having 147,000 miles. I got her down to $4000 and told her I would like to see it but I knew I was going to buy it.

Opelousas is small town about 130 miles west of New Orleans. Instead of bothering friends or family to bring me over there I found that Amtrak rolls into Lafayette, Louisiana which is about twenty miles away. She reluctantly agreed to meet me at the train station with her husband and the title. I tried to leave nothing to chance. I had the cash in my front pocket, got to the train station one hour before hand and departed on time. Everything was going fine until I found out that she couldn't find the title. I was pissed. I thought I had made it clear to her on the previous day when I asked her if she had the title and their were no lienholders. I had to make a decision on what I was going to do... go through with the deal and trust her to get a duplicate title or take a bus back to New Orleans. They both appeared to honest country people so I went through with it. We made a bill of sale and copied her registration which showed she was the owner and there were no lienholders. She said she will go to the DMV and get a duplicate title today. Time will tell.

Anyways I'm pleased with the automobile so far. It is a light blue metallic with all the bells and whistles. As far as I can see everything appears to work as it should. One exception is the two sun visors. The mechanism that keeps them up out of the way when not in use has failed so they are lodged in the clip at an odd angle. If anyone have any thoughts on this I would appreciate feedback. It has a surprising amount of pep from a standing stop. I was little disappointed in the smoothness of the ride. It doesn't ride as smooth as the wife's 05 Buick LeSabre. I'm thinking part of the stiff ride is due to the 17 inch low profile tires. The interior of the car was filthy though. You would think that a person selling a car would make the car as appealing as possible...evidently she did not subscribe to this way of thinking. The engine compartment had never been cleaned. The cream colored leather seats were very dirty as was the plastic. The carpet was unbelievably dirty. So much so that I thought I might have to replace it. I remember her telling me that she transported animals in it. It showed. I even found a few feathers in the trunk.

I removed the two carpeted floor mats (missing the other two) and the trunk carpet. I have a pressure washer and proceeded to spray them. Red claylike dirt came spewing out of them. I got the birdshit out of the trunk mat. It worked so well that I went ahead and pressure washed the car's carpet. Gasp! Yes it was so dirty that I said what do I have to loose. The dirt in the carpet came up and the water was a dark brown. I immediately went to the local car wash and vacuumed the water out. At a dollar for two minutes I knew that it would probably be cheaper if I just went ahead and bought my own shop vac so that's what I did. I found a stainless steel 4.5hp shop vac for $50 at WalMart. I came home and cleaned the carpet with a turtle wax carpet cleaner and the new shop vac. The carpet's transformation is unbelivable. It really looks good.

I still have to clean the leather seats and the plastic parts but the car will look like it's new when I finish.

If you've read all of this I thank you and hope to be a contributing member of this forum. I will submit pics as soon as I can.
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