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Leaking trans fluid 2011 sonata gls

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I am new this forum. Hope everyone it's doing great.
Here is my Problem. I have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata with a transmission fluid leak and it looks like it's coming from the axles above the crossmember bar but I can't really see between it to make sure. So what I'm asking is there anything somebody can tell me exactly where to look because it is shooting transmission fluid from the axle part of my car all the way to the back. It started to try to slip a little and makes a whining sound when running. The previous owners did not take care of the car and so therefore I'm having to replace things that should be replaced the long time ago ie spark plugs transmission fluid sensor Etc. It has over 200,000 miles and since I've had it in the last 3 years I've just started changing out the minor things. Today thought I had it jacked up to look for the leak I saw a little bit of green fluid which I'm taking is the antifreeze that was coming from around about close to the axles so there might be a slight leak in those lines. But I'm not sure. If anybody could tell me how I could find where the leak is coming from without having to take out the transmission cuz I'm really hoping it's something minor like maybe the shifting solenoids or something. I just need help single mom 3 trying to save some money by doing minor things by myself. Thanks in advance for all the help I hope you all have a blessed and safe day.
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