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New to the forum and thanks to the administrator to create such a nice forum to share Sonata information.
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can we get a total of how many members there are cause i feel like im just having a conversation with you, or maybe i could just get your number jpark and then there wouldnt even be a reason to come on here we could just txt or something... lol
well i was previously on
i think you are on there... but i got like FULL ip adress banned from those retard mods for the most dumbest reason which i criticized V33sonata's tinted headlights, rediculously dark tinted tails, and his poor choice of wheels and white accents (wipers, door trims etc.) and how he street races and uploads a video of himself going 140+mph on a town area

after all the fuss v33sonata who became a mod recently decided to ban me cuz i criticized his car and his streetracing immaturaity.. have you seen his car? it looks f-en retarded and he thinks its a race car or some sort

... that forum fails

so after, i was bored one day and found a sonataforum (this forum) dedicated to just sonatas and i was like wow nice! and had 0 freaken threads.. so im trying to get this forum going... lol im doing the most work i shall say

just add me on fb.. if you have one
just sent u a pm

p.s: it says there are 27 members total at the bottom of this forum lol
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certain things on his car look good, but i however do not like them all, but i like that he actually posts vids it gets other people out there willing to mod their sonatas
i guess you recently joined that forum?
I was on there since 07 and he was pretty famous for being a douche.. words cant explain it, just search some old threads lol

this might explain it
v33sonata = Idiot

oh and i guess you havent really gotten into any arguments with him... he thinks his sonata is the best car in the world and street racing is for immature children :)
yea idk he does things to his car that others are unwilling to do, so i see where he does some good for the forum, but i also see where he can be a douche
so me and jpark have done a bunch, now its time for someone else to start posting stuff up on here
only u 2 guys are active in this forum. is the moderator sleeping all the time?
idk i messaged him asking if either me or jpark could act as a mod, and i dont have a reply, i fell like he/she/they are around, just not posting
what is the point of having this forum after all?
no he does background functions, im guessing
lets try to discuss this on the feedback section/area guys, instead of making this thread the "hot thread", /thread closed
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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