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Michelin Pilot Sport = great 2015 Sonata Sport

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My 2015 Sonata Sport (at 30K miles) had the original Hankook Kinergy GT tires, until a pothole puncture ruined one tire last week.

I replaced them with a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 255/15 R17 all-weather and it transformed the car!
Road-noise is greatly reduced, and the car drives as it was meant to.
This is now one of the quietest automobiles I've ever experienced, as driver or passenger.

I just completed a 150-mile drive through the Smokey Mountains and it was a blast.
This Korean 4-door sedan handled like a fine sport-touring car should. I felt safe and totally in control every mile.
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I have some mxm4 on my 2013 2.0 turbo. Even tho they arent pilot sport. I had some pirelli tires before and the mxm4 do a way better job. I have so much confidence in cornering now
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