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New from HF (and Oklahoma)

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Hi everyone! I came from Hyundai-forums and I have a '06 V6 Sonata. I've had the car since '07 and have put 61k on it for q total of 94k miles currently. I'm looking for new ideas on wheels or potential upgrades for my car however I'm debating on trading the Sonata in for a ls1 Camaro or Trans Am but I only owe $5,700 and have had zero problems with it. So since I know the history of it and owe so little it'd probably be best to keep but I would like something with a little more power. It'd have to be low mileage and a good price to pull trigger. Besides, a new DD radio could relight the fire with the car lol!
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The basics, intake/exhaust. You'll have to fab the intake yourself and get a custom exhaust setup. You can also get an NSPP, light weight crank pulley from the 3.8 gen coupe, or send an ecu to SFR to flash... but I'd start with the basics. I'd also change the plugs since you're pretty close to 100k.
Thanks! My UN on Hyundai-forums was Big_Dan but I never really posted or logged in that much but did keep up with the testing of the nspp, pulley, and you getting the flash done. I've been planning on taking the car into the dealer at 99k to get plugs, brake pads, and a new battery since that'd be my next oil change interval (AFTER I change it within the next week).

How has the pulley held up so far and would it be wise to put one on at 100k? I haven't read any bad news with the sonata but I don't browse genesis forums for further news. I might even wait for Spring to come to do such a change since we had below 0* temps and about 2ft of snow in February!

What plugs have you swapped to or did you just use what Hyundai installs? I keep thinking v33 and others use E3 or diamond fire, it's slipped my mind what they're called.
haven't used the pulley... one guy on blew his motor, which had a pulley on it... but can't say for certain it was b/c of the pulley. I'm tempted to put one on just because I keep hearing about the pulley separating.

Yeah, he put e3 plugs into his... he says he can feel a better response. I've never tried them myself and I haven't changed mine yet as I'm only ~50k. I'll probably just go with iridiums.
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