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New member from San Ramon Valley, CA

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Hello all,

New member here from the west coast. I am active on a couple of car forums related to my other car but am here to learn about the Sonata hybrid as it appears to be the likely replacement for my '05 Prius.

I have about a 100 mile per day commute so the hybrid seems to make the most sense for me. Love the Prius but really looking for a change with some better handling and comfort.

Never owned a Hyundai but for the last several years I have been watching Hyundai do it better and better and feel comfortable owning one over many other cars now.

Is there one performance site/shop that stands out in the crowd? I want to set the suspension up on the car so it is lower, firmer and tighter than stock. I am not the type to just put in lowering springs and then get bounced to death for the next 100K miles. I was thinking a nice coilover system with heavy sway bars to begin with. I would probably like to lower the car about 1.25. I do not want to turn it into a road scraper. Just enough to clean up the look.

Oh, my other car is a '71 Porsche 914-6. The 914-6's were only made from '69 -'72 for a total number produced of approx. 3333. The majority of those, about 2760 were made in '70, about 306 made in '71 and about 237 made in '72. In '69, 29 cars were made. Mine is an original CA car and I am the third owner. The most notable thing about the 914-6 is that it came from the factory with the 911 engine which makes it a very desirable collector item. Since few were produced when new, they are fairly rare now, some 40 years later.


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just wait a bit till more aftermarket items come out for the 2011+ sonatas, its still too new to be hunting for good struts/shocks

in fact many companies are still in the middle of developing parts for the sonatas

For you, i would personally get lowering springs (h&r or eibach) and throw in some koni yellow or any perch adjustable sport shocks
Coilovers would be too much for you if you are simply just trying to "clean up" the look and lean more towards the performance side.

oh btw, welcome and nice porsche

Thanks for the welcome. I am hoping that by the time I actually by a Sonata, figure about 2 months I would guess, some parts will be out. Yeah you are probably right about the suspension, if Koni is making shocks for these, those in combination with a set of lowering springs would be fine. I just hope someone like Koni or Bilstein is making a good shock for the car so I do not have to go to the expense of a coil-over.

I love my six. It is actually the 3rd original six I have owned. The first two were both '70's. This one is a keeper for sure. I have had a ton of cars. I have had 7 Porsches, always flipping back and forth between 911's and 914-6's.

The last Porsche before the six was a 993 C4S and it was OK. But nothing compares to the 914-6 for handling and driving experience. I had a '01 Acura NSX before the six and really liked it too but still it was just not the same as driving a car with no computer assistance. I wanted to get back to just a mechanical driving experience and be able to work on the car too. The six is and always has been my favorite. It is like driving a street legal go-kart.

The car is about 2200 pounds and though they came stock with 110 horse, the current engine in mine is a 3.0 SC motor with 180 HP with two three barrel webers. Going in it soon will be a 3.2 Motronic injection (stock) Carrera motor. That engine will bolt right in with practically no modifications and put me at 220 HP. In a car that light, that is plenty of HP for me.
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