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Looking at a used 2009-2010 Sonata, do they have the same steering problems (pulling to the left) as the 2011's?
For that matter do they have the electronic steering like the 2011, or is it the normal hydraulic steering?
What kind of gas do they use, regular or high octane?
An other problems I should look for ?
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they use regular gas, i have an 07 and i was using 93 octane, and i ran into problems with my engine, i was then informed that in all their models(sonata) they recommend using regular, and the ecu is not programmed, to adjust to the different octanes, and it is therefore bad to use high % gas. However it is recommended to use it once in a while to help clean the engine. As far as steering, i believe it is normal, old fashion steering.
For problems you need to look for, where are you buying it from?
There are several car dealers around here that have clean low mileage 2010's (like 12k-20K miles).
I just like to know ahead of time common problems to look out for.
I have friends who love their older Sonatas and Elantras, but I've read a lot of horror stories about the 2011 Sonata's steering and auto trans.
^ I don't know about the 2010's, but the 2011 steering issue is just pulling to the left because of a bad strut. Gets replaced under waranty so shouldn't be a problem to fix. As for the transmission, I haven't heard of any problems with it.
I have a 2010 model. I use to have the same problem the OP is referring to, my car use to pull to the left but then I realized what was my problem....I didn't have much air in the front tire so after I filled the tires with more air than they should the problem went way.
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