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SO yesterday I visited three KIa dealerships with the intention of buying a 2.4 EX with premium package. I used True Car Pricing and all were about 700 below invoice. I also had a 2005 Yukon XL SLT with all the options, and 58000 miles, to trade in. Well long story short all three dealerships tried to make their money back on the trade in. I booked the Yukon at three different web sites and came back with 15800-17200 for trade in and 14,000 for wholesale. The first KIA dealership only offered me 10k, the other two 11k. They blamed it on the gas prices and low demand blah blah.

So out of curiosity I stopped at my local Hyundai dealership to see what I could do on a Sonata. They are also a Chevy/GMC dealership so I was hoping for a better deal on my trade in. Initially they offered me 13,500 trade in and invoice on a 2.4 limited Sonata. While we were talking another salesman tried to secure the car I wanted from another dealership, but after 30 minutes or so he came back and none were willing to trade. He had a silver Sonata 2.0 Turbo SE with nav, auto reaview mirror, usb cable, carpets, and sunroof with wind deflector in stock. Since he had the car in stock he was willing to give me the deal of the year he said. So I received the car for 25,664 (28,175 msrp, 26,551 invoice) and a trade in of 14,400.

Oh and hi :)
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Daaaaaamn! That's a great price!! Congrats!!
wow great to hear and good deal on the 2.0t, congrats!
welcome to the family
Nice one a warm welcome to the forum. i am sure you will get to learn more being here.

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