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Aloha from The Big Island!
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Howdy from Kansas.

What kind of Sonata do you have?
2016 2.4L. We recently got the car to replace a Ford Escape that was totalled. I really like the car, but the engine issue worries me. The car has 97K miles, but runs perfectly after an alternator replacement.
I had a 2011 Sonata that ran perfectly for 10 years. I think the trick to keep this engine alive is more frequent oil changes than the factory says, and replacement of the PCV valve (positive crankcase ventilation valve). A clogged PCV can lead to oil loss, particularly in highway driving, and engine failure.

It's simple to replace a PCV. It costs under $15 and YouTube videos show the procedure.
Sounds like you know about the 2.4 Theta II engine problems.

A class action lawsuit against Hyundai extended the warranty of the engine if an anti-knock software update was made. Since you just obtained the car, a visit to your dealer to make sure would be good. They can tell from your vehicle identification number.
Thanks! Would you happen to know the update campaign number?
Not off hand. Did mine years ago. The dealer will know. He'll take your VIN and check for all recalls, which the software update is.
I just ran the VIN on the Hyundai site and it shows that 953 is for the knock sensor. It has another one (210)for the smart junction box / turn signal and another one for (993) for something to do with the anti theft. All are incomplete.

Thanks a bunch for the heads up!
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