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My name is Nolan from northeast CT

well two weeks ago i purchased an black 2012 Sonata GLS ,traded in my 07 TIB SE
so far just getting used to the car as i've always been a two door guy! lol but i'm liking the MPG so far and mods will be coming but will keep it simple as i got the bumper to bumper 120k warr. so appearance only .already familiar with all sites that sell sonata swag so making a nice list lol .already red out vinyl on my rear blinkers i hate amber ,oh and were can you get blear amber corner headlights? only in korea or am i going to to have to pry them apart and make my own like i did with my tibs?

i'll get some pics of the sonata up when i feel she deserves to be seen as she is stock now and we all now what it looks like
here are my last two Hyundai and i miss them but at least i stuck with the crooked h

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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