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I just bought a used 2011 Sonata SE - it only had ~3600 miles on it when I got it, practically brand new! Even had that new car smell in it still!

I was in the market for a mid size vehicle, something larger than the '03 Focus I had just sold. The Focus had been a great car but with a growing family it was starting to feel cramped when put into family hauler mode. And after owning it 8yrs I was in the mood for a new vehicle. I looked at a bunch of different vehicles and was down to either a Subaru Legacy or a Sonata. I have had a long time like of Subarus - owned an 84 GL wagon before, lots of them in the family and my Wife's 2010 Outback is a real nice vehicle. But the Legacy is not a common used car in SoCal with all the ones I would be interested in all at least a 1.5hr drive away.

I had always loved the look of the current gen Sonata, and all that I had read and heard about them was good so they were of course on the list of vehicles to test drive. The first one I drove impressed me a lot - it was at a Nissan dealership's used lot, and I drove past that dealership nearly everyday, so I stopped in one day on the way home. After that one I ended up test driving a total of 5 different Sonatas in my quest to get the right one for me. Everything from a anachronistic doorbuster base GLS with no options (stickshift car even, talk about uncommon), up to a 2.0T (veeery nice passing power). In the end the best balance of cost and features was the Venetian Red 2011 Sonata SE I now have . . . and the funny thing is it was actually the first Sonata I had test driven!

I've owned a plethora of vehicles in my time, from '60's era muscle cars to super efficient FWD's. The Sonata is fast impressing me as being the most like the car of the future I had imagined as a kid.
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