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Hey everyone,
Thought I'd take some time to introduce myself. Terry's the name. But my online persona has always been "TragicMagic". No idea where I got that from...

I take possession of my 2012 Sonata GL 6 speed MANUAL on Monday morning, the 23rd. It's the Harbour Grey colour, and the dealership is installing an engine block heater, tinting the windows, and installing all-weather floor liners.
For the past ten years I've driven a 2002 Elantra GL, 5 spd. I love(d) this car. Alas, it was sold today and I no longer own that car...

Here's a picture of her.

It is lowered 1.5" with Eibach springs. The wheels are 17" Nakayama X7's. Tinted windows, Magnaflow exhaust, tinted tail light and spoiler light, and custom mesh grill. But I could afford that crap ten years ago.
Now, I'm married, with a 19 month old daughter. My wife drives an '08 Accent GL. Both these cars were starting to feel a little cramped on long drives, or for getting groceries, as child seat take up a lot of room.

So that's why we got the new Sonata. The GL comes with the 16" steel wheels and plastics covers. I intend to use those wheels for winter tires. And to purchase a set of 19" (or 20") wheels and performance tires. Might look into lowering the car, a little, and installing an aftermarket stereo, simply to add a small 8" sub.

Well, thanks for letting me rant. Off to the wheel/tire section to get some opinions on possible wheels.
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