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Hi to all Hyundai owners. Have had my 2012 Midnight Mica Sonata for a week now. Came from a BMW 335i vert that had 65,500 miles. Wife wanted to know why I had become so rational. or am I just becoming old? :D
Anyway, the bimmer was eating me up in gas. 50 mile commute back and forth from home, filling up twice a week with premium. Had to do something and din't want an Accord or Camry. Researched the Sonata, got some recs from guys I work with that owned them. Then traded my 08 335i on the 12 Sonata. Cost was $26.5K including dest., tax and tags. Gave me $27K for the bimmer. Dealer is shooting me $500.

Now about this steering on the highway. Will Kumho Ecsta 4X's cure the unsettling of the steering?
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