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New to Hyundai

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Just thought this would be a good place to get up to speed on Hyundai. Just sold my 2010 Corolla and am purchasing a 2016 Sonata. I am in Northern Ontario, and have been driving for err... well over 60 years lol. I am especially interested in the engine issues, extended warranties etc...
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There was a class action lawsuit in America, but don't know if it pertains to Canada, also. Talk to your dealer about this.

I've owned two Sonatas with no problems. However, I'm a stickler for proper maintenance. Following the severe service recommendations is critical, I think.
Thank you. I did reach out to the dealer but no response yet. I am excited to get the Sonata and skeptical as well. I have been a Toyota person for years so this is new territory. I do still a highlander and like it. I am also a stickler for maintenance and never go to the max on tolerances etc. I hope this is a good move.
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