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OBX crank shaft pulley

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Anyone out there tried this have any ideas wether its bad to use or doesnt really matter, i have seen people that really say it could go either way with them?

OBX RACE CRANK PULLEY HYUNDAI GENESIS COUPE 3.8L RED - eBay (item 160547680788 end time Feb-27-11 09:21:43 PST)
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No i haven't tried it before. that is true it really goes either. i have heard of it before.

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thats what im worried about, i dont know wether the benefits outweigh the destruction, or if there really is any
didnt v33 try this in his car? and screw something up?
no he put in a CAI and messed up the MAF, and another o2 sensor because the filter was over oiled
lol no the cai was his engine hydrolock, he had to get a whole new motor cuz that dumbass didnt construct the cai in properly
how the **** did that happen?
i would ask him if he was on here
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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