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i searched the site and didnt find what i was looking for (site is not set up well compared to other car forums). my wife has a 2006 sonata and we're going to upgrade the head unit and i had a couple of questions.

first question, i know that the steering wheel controls (volume) will not work after i do the install. i heard that changing the head unit may also affect the funtion of the cruise control, is this true?

second, i know that there is a seprate harness for the steering wheel controls to but the one made for the NF only works for the premium package, which we dont have. is there a harness from another vehicle that will work? i think i read someone in the net that one from a ford will work.

i'm trying to gather all the info and parts needed before doing the install myself. i've installed radio's before but there were for older cars (pre 2000) which were an easy install.
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