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Questions - with pictures

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1) What are these boxes? There are no wires coming out of them, no clue what they could be.

2) Any idea what else needs to be unscrewed to remove the grille? I removed the screws circled in red, but it wouldnt budge! Couldnt find any other things to unscrew/pop out...

3) Any idea what this stuff is? Its on both sides (this is just in front of the rear tire). This car used to be a lease/rental car, so Im wondering if the company put some kind of clear protection tape stuff on it? Its **** near impossible to get off, left a mess in the corner I attempted it on. Its all cracked to h-e-l-l too! WTF?

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1.) cant help you sorry, idn what those boxes are either :(

2.) the grill, once you got all the bolts and screws off, simply jiggle and shuffle the long plastic piece that lays on top of the grill and take it off (upward). You may have to hold the hood latch up while doing to get the piece off) --> once you got that off, you have to reach inside of it and take 2 more screws that are holding the grill from behind (bottom right and left corners)

3.) my car had that shiit to, but i took mine off really easily.... although mine peeled off with fingernails, try some adhesive remover
1 the first pic is an air reservoir box, so i would assume thats what the second is
3 is 3m tape to protect the paint, its pretty kul stuffs, when it gets scratched and looks like garbage, you can order new ones, and replace it, and youll never have problems when rock from the front tires head towards the back
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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