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I am about to purchase a 2016 Sonata. It had had the recall for engine and signal light issues. Am I to understand that the engine recall if done, gives you access to up to 200k against engine failure?
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The knock sensing software recall is one step to put you in good stead with the 'lifetime' engine warranty as Hyundai agreed to in a class action lawsuit.

However, I would have a conversation with a dealer service department about the car to make sure.

The dealership can pull up the VIN and see if they have any service records. If the seller can't produce records, the extended warranty could be at risk.

Of course, with any car purchase, have a mechanic do a pre-purchase mechanical check and a check with a scan tool.

I've owned two Sonatas and have had no problems. But I maintain my cars exceptionally well. To be frank, if the Sonata wasn't serviced more diligently than the factory recommends, I would pass on it. The extended engine warranty is nice but will be cold comfort uf your car is in the shop for weeks waiting for a replacement engine.

Good luck
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