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I have a 2015 Sonata Sport, I replaced my headlight bulbs with HID. I didn't remove bumper, it me about 1/2 HR to replace both bulbs. You should search youtube for a instructional video
Bro the standard sonata variant comes with halogen bulbs with 2 housing in headlight. For Low beam in lens, and high beam reflector beside.

Higher and top variants of sonata comes with OEM fitted hi/low projector HIDs. Which is completely different fitting if compare the one with halogens. It doesn't pop off by rotating. Simple way to replace Factory fitted HIDs is by removing bumper, remove headlight assembly. Other ways is difficult to access and mostly you end up dripping the screw inside the headlight assembly
I don't know what you people are talking about taking off the bumper to replace a hid bulb I have a 2015 sonata with hid all u have to do is remove the cap on the back of the headlight turn it and remove the bulb so I don't understand why anyone would tell u to REMOVE THE BUMPER BECAUSE THEY ARE WRONG !!!!!!
There is difference between the headlight assembly fitted in standard variant with halogen bulbs and headlight assembly fitted in top variants with factory fitted HID hi/lo projector. From outside it appears similar, but when work from inside to replace bulbs it is way different
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