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Rolling Shot Picture Thread

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post your rolling shots [email protected]#!

went out for some rolling shots with my friends couple days ago for shits and giggles

used a Pentax k10d dslr with Toshiba 1.8 skylight lens at low shutter speed.. first time taking rolling shots so take it easy on me... :D

btw friend was driving my car as i was shooting :)
will bring more pics in the future since we got the whole summer ahead of us

and couple other that are 'sorta' rolling

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just wait to see my pics, then youll be laughing at me, my cam sucks, but im guessing you washed it just before you went, cause it looks extra specially good
lol nah i wont, im still in the learning stage with my camera anyways, post them up!
awesome clarity i liked it lol super no words to express the feeling
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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