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Septermber S.O.T.M is here, submit your photos!

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submit your creative shots of your sonata! read the rules for more info

stock or modded does not matter as long as the photo is creative!

begins NAOWWW!
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after hurricane irene under a parking garage


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after hurricane irene under a parking garage
Very nice. What type of suspension are you using on the NF? I have H&R springs on my NF but it does not tuck the wheels like yours.
I'm on neotech coil overs not even sure how low i dropped it maybe 3 inches? post some pics of ur car too!
Who needs front wheels?

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lol, I was changing my front tires in the back of my apartment after I blew the front driver side running over some debris on the highway and the car fell from the jack... I was too much in a rush and that back parking was slightly inclined... should have known it was gonna fall.
how did u lift it back up?
The rear driver side had enough space to jack it up with a low profile floor jack.
jesus, hope there was no big damage
jesus, hope there was no big damage
just a small dent where the car rested on the jack.
Dogukan, only 1 photo per entry. Disqualified!!

riceR's picture will not get my vote - It just hurts to see...

(Just razzin' by the way...)
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