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Basically, i will be stickying the present months "POST YOUR PIC!" thread regularly.(while unstickying the previous months "POST YOUR PIC!" thread)

Poll will be set up for voting.
The poll will be set up on the same thread on my first original post after the cut off date to post pics, which will be ten days prior to the new upcoming month.
the poll system only allows 10 items for voting, so we will round up every pics to the top10 best looking pics of the Sonata pics posted. (Dont worry, if your pic looks amazing, you will most likely be selected to be in the top 10!)

by the end of the month, whoever recieves the most vote wins the sonata of the month contest

Prize: respect and drool from our fellow sonata owners on :D, technically: JUST FOR FUN

Here are some simple rules and tips to follow
1.) Chattering will be allowed so we can compliment eachothers rides, however, Please keep the random chattering level to minimum as most of us probably don't want to scroll through 20,000 posts of chatter to look/view pics

2.) POST ONLY 1 PICTURE! yes... thats right, please post only 1 pic, perhaps the "Best picture of your sonata"
Also, try to post pics other than your driveway shots, as it gets "boring", pic with a nice scenary for example

3.) PLEASE DO NOT post the same pic you have posted before on the previous months contests. New pics are always welcome

4.) Our picture attachment sucks on vbulletin forums, turns out on the post as a small tiny thumbnail pic.
Therefore, it would be great if you guys could create a photobucket account ( upload your pics on photobucket AND copy the IMG link, paste on to the post on sonataforums, therefore we can get more precise and bulk images rather than small thumbnail attachments which does get annoying after a while.

5.) Lastly, EVERY GENERATION OF SONATA ARE WELCOME TO COMPETE. No restrictions whatsoever regarding on this.

thanks for reading, and have fun!
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