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2014 Hyundai Sonata 2.4 L Limited
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Basically what the title says. I have a 2014 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2.4 L Automatic with almost 70k miles that likes to stall at random times. There is no hesitation or sign that the car stalls besides me driving one moment and then next the RPMs go to zero. I get a feeling that car is about to stall but it never does stall. When I least expect it, it stalls. No check engine lights. Some times it stalls instantly after I start the car after it previously stalled or filled the gas tank! When that happens I turn the car on and press the gas up to 2k+ RPM and then switch to drive real quick. If I'm too slow switching to drive it sometimes stalls but usually I'm quick enough where that does not happen. Sometimes just turning it on normally will make it run normally after it stalls.

Typically I noticed it occurs at lower speeds and possibly when I'm coasting up and down hills but it has occurred on relatively leveled surfaces. At first I thought it was the battery or alternator but they seem fine showing 12v when off and 13-14v when car is on.

The car does have less power and a slow acceleration response and idles at low RPMs (mainly 500 once warmed up). AC also doesn't work well even after car is warmed up when idling. Works fine when driving going about 2k RPMs. I thought the AC was drawing too much power but yesterday it stalled at a dead stop without the AC on.

There were pending codes but they didn't appear at the same time and they eventually got removed by themselves. P0014 and P0017, but those could be because the car suddenly stalled. I've checked fuses and did the wiggle test while car is on but nothing stands out.

I'm still under extended warranty but of course when I took it to the dealership they couldn't get the car to stall and they said there were no pending codes. So I'm out of luck there.

The only patterns I noticed are that (1) it requires car to warm up for 30+ minutes for a higher chance of stalling (it has never stalled on cold start) and (2) when I was driving at a sharp turn before going up a steep bridge it stalled 2 out of 3 trips in city traffic! from

Because I can't upload cvs, xlsx or zip files to this post, the link above includes a data zip file that has two files. A raw CVS file capturing data from OBDwiz and scan data excel sheet that captures various data over time based on that csv file. Please note that each thing tracked has its own time and its not exactly the same times but relatively close. On the 'ALL' sheet (last sheet) in the excel file, I provided graphs to all the things captured and made two red lines were the RPMs went to 0 (which is when the stall occurred). This data is almost a month old and I need to create an updated one with more things captured.

Due to the nature of, the link will expire 30 days from this post (last September).

Any ideas on what it could be? Any help would be appreciated! :)
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