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It doesn't get much better than being called "close to ideal" in a car review. They could have called it 'absolutely ideal,' but Hyundai will have to settle for "close to ideal."

The Auto Channel gives the hyundai Sonata great marks on size, on-road performance, comfort, economy and style. The Sonata gave 37 mpg during the test drive, which is not phenomenal, but is still admirable. The life-time guarantee on the battery is largely an advertising gimmick, but also made sense for Hyundai as it is confident in the quality of its drive trains and batteries. The Sonata has 12.1 cubic feet of cargo capacity, which is up 1.4 cubic feet from the regular Sonata. The Auto Channel also has only great things to say about the comfort of the vehicle, touching on the heated front seats as an example of this comfort. Rear seat leg and knee room is also good.

"The Hybrid definitely has a strong claim to be your hybrid sedan of choice."

You can see the full review here.
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