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Here is mines

Mobis Splash guards, painted to match the car
Rear Matte Black window spoiler
front EZLip
Rain guards
H&R springs
Vinyl tinted rear tails
Led lighting all throughout the interior and exterior licence plate
LED strip used in part with DRL
Hid conversion on headlights and fogs
Led DRL's
Led Reverse lIghts
Kspec Led Tails
rear led bumper lights
Re badged exterior including wheel caps
Rear Diffuser
12inch infinity woofer with MTX Jackhammer mono amp

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looks nice with those Genny wheels. wow $15k for your NF minus the gen wheels. was your nf a 3.3 or the 2.4? i'm still partial to the NF, but nice ride non the less. looking forward when your yf gets lowered.:D
Agree! I do like the new "fluid sculpture" design, but like my profile quote says, theres no replacement for displacement, lol. I purchased my first Sonata when they first came out; a Blue 1989 GLS (one day I'll have to "put up" the info in here, give you all a laugh; I still have my bill of sale, the brochure, everything, lol), but it had the same engine that you guys have now; the 2.4L. I got a manual and it was pretty fast; people thought it was a 6 cylinder instead of a 4 banger, so having the 3.3L 6 cylinder was the only logical "step-up" for me.

I have also found that because of the design, the interior space, especially the rear seat headroom, is not as much as the prior model (I went to the car show the first year they came out and sitting in the front seat and the back, I made this observation to the Hyundai rep and he said, "Shhhh, you're not supposed to notice that!" LOL). And not to hate, but the "old" Limited interior, IMHO is much nicer looking with the wood trim, than the new interiors with the "plastic" trim. Just my 2 cents; and now I'm going to go and post a bunch of pictures of my "old" baby in the other thread, lol. :D By the way, any of you other YF owners interested in some Gen Coupe Track wheels? I've got some!
101 - 120 of 125 Posts