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Hello fellow members,

Looking for advice from you guys before making my first purchase on the HYUNDAI SONATA The range of years I am interested in is 2015 in particular and I want to know if there is anything or some things I should look at the car during my inspection. Of course, you have a lot of maintenance tips or important things to check when buying, so I wanted to create this thread to see if I could be of any help with that.

I have a 2015 hyundai sonata in my sights and it is very nice. This car really fits my budget but I'm a little weary because it has a salvage title. My uncle said the rescue name was useless, but other friends said they would walk away from the deal. Let me share some thoughts, can I get your opinion on whether this is good or not? Is there anything I should check myself or have a mechanic check when checking this car? It says the front end is new, so I wonder if there is a way to see any previous damage or problems with the car. I love this model and I can not wait to buy at the end of this month because I am using the car now and it is not good! Please advise if you want to withdraw or talk to the seller about this, because for the price this is what I found to be clean.

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Before you buy, Google ' Sonata engine failures.' The 2.4 liter Theta II engine was the subject of a major class action lawsuit about sudden and total engine failures. The car's engine seems to have a massive failure between 75,000 and 90,000 miles. As a result of the legal action, there is an extended engine warranty on the Sonata but I think it only pertains to the original owner. Take the VIN to a Hyundai dealer to see if this car, and you as a subsequent owners, qualify. The engine may have already been replaced.

With that said, I would run away from a salvage title. This title probably means the car was totalled by an insurance company. The car may have been in a flood, was stolen and abused, or wrecked and repaired.

If you do go forward, have a good Hyundai mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection. A good computer scan and look at the car's mechanicals will probably reveal why the car was totalled. There has been a lot of flooding recently. If the car has been underwater it will run for awhile, but then electrical corrosion will cause a massive failure that can't be economically fixed. Water can get in the transmission which will eventually cause it to fail. That's a $6,000 repair.

If you have to make an offer on this car, and I recommend you don't, salvage title cars should only be bought at a huge discount. Many dealers won't accept a salvage title car as a trade in, or will give practically nothing for it. Salvage title cars are practically worthless.

There are lots of cars out there. Keep looking. Have a mechanic check out good candidates.

Good luck.
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