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I don't own a Sonata, but was looking to help the ladyfriend out. I hooked up one in my '06 accord a few years ago (I don't recall the brand, it was a while ago) using
as a guide, and wanted to ask a questions or two.

This being her head unit, is it even possible to install an ipod charging/play-through-the-system accessory? It has the CDC option, so I figured it would, although I wouldn't make any purchase without consulting some actual sonata owners. If there is an available option, what kind of work would be in line to get one installed? Are there any decent guides that I could follow?

I apologize for my car ignorance in advance.
I attempted to search for any similar topics that answered this question but was doing so on my phone and encountered trouble.
Mods, if this is thread is not in the proper place feel free to move it.

Thanks in advance!
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