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West Coast KDM

The West Coast KDM website is up and running. West Coast KDM is a club and community for all Korean car enthusiasts (Hyundai and KIA). We are trying to establish local groups to have good turnouts for our events. We wanted to widen the scope and make it available to all KDM. The site also contains a forum but we are not trying to steal people away from this forum in any way. We are just trying to provide a more local, club type, community for enthusiasts. It will help people find a group to get involved with and participate in events. The site is new and not complete yet (please be patient) but the forum is fully functional (to my knowledge). If you are on the west coast it is the place for you to find a group or start a new one. So check it out West Coast KDM. We are also on FaceBook and Twitter.
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