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Salutations from Florida! :cool:

A few weeks ago i purchased my 2013 GLS from a guy a few towns over from me.

It had 10,850 miles on the clock, he was the only owner and it had never been in any accidents! absolutely nothing wrong with the car, did all the research on it i could and had it checked out by a mechanic. i got the "all clear" and i bought it!

I got what i think is an amazing deal for the car.. the average from KBB/Edmunds
was about 18-19, and i bought it for a whopping 14000! i couldn't have been luckier and happier with this car.. its been a few weeks now and its an amazing ride.

The previous owner bought the SE wheels, the SE style grill, and fog lights when he owned it. so that was a major plus for me! i love the look of this car the way it is!

ive got many plans for this beautiful car including: tint, a lip spoiler, HID's, LED tails, led interior lights, new sound system, etc. Much to come! ill post everything i do and how i did it!

Ill post more pictures soon but here is the only one i have at the moment
i took it at my work one morning lol.

It looks like a great forum you all have here and im excited to become a member!


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Great deal on your new ride congrats! Welcome to the forums!
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