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Wheel spacers

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I have a stock 07, not lowered, no aftermarket rims, or tires, what do you guys think, can i put 20mm spacers on without rub, or is this too much, i feel like i could go with even a 30mm and i will probably be fine

p.s. i have not really ever done any suspension mods to anything, this is why i ask. its the one thing im new at
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20mm on those stock wheels which are 17x7 with +46 offset will probably sit more sunk than my rear 9.5 +38 offset WITHOUT my spacers on lol.

so yeah.. it will definatly work.. but why dont you just get h&r springs first instead of spacers.. i personally think it might look kinda silly with wheels sticking out on 4x4 height lol mexican style

oh by the way, dont go overboard with spacers... 20mm is really max you should go, above that causes problems and its actually dangerous
idk im waiting to get a new job first so, i just have a bunch of ideas floating around right now
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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