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Hey all, everything has been going great until the ice broke the plastic clip that holds the wiper onto the j-hook arm of my driverside blade. I had to go out and replace and since the factory wiper blades were fantastic and nothing streaked or smeared I wanted to buy some expensive alternate to I got the same quality the originals gave me.

I picked up some Rain-x latitude blades to replace my driver side one that broke and it was pretty pricey (second most expensive blade they sold) but hey I wanted the same quality my factory ones gave me so it was fine spending 25 bucks to replace it.

After I put it on and clipped it to the j-hook I thought eveything was good to go but I was wrong. The blade streaks and smears everywhere to the point where I can barley see in the snow/rain. Its not just happening in one or two spots on the windshield but the whole driverside portion is getting smeared. Its almost like the blade isnt pressing down hard enough to take the rain/snow off, it just lightly presses on it and smears it all around while my passenger side blade is golden.

I put Windex on the blade and windsheid to clean it to see if there was any build up on the blade from the factory but that didnt help at all. Does anybody know a way I can fix this to increase the tension on the blade? Its gonna get me in trouble when it really starts raining outside and i cant see anything.
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