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Wireless CarPlay Available 2020-2021 W/O Navigation

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When the 2020 and 2021 Sonatas were released, wireless CarPlay was not enabled. I recently updated a 2021 SEL Plus with the latest software, and it enabled wireless CarPlay. Very impressive. Took around 20 minutes to upgrade.
A couple of stipulations though.
#1. For the 20 and 21 models, it cannot have the convenience pkg.
Which means that if it has navigation, it won’t have wireless.
#2 Starting with 2022, the SEL Plus has navigation included. So, no wireless. The SE and SEL are fine. Just as long as they don’t have that convenience pkg.
The last year you can get an SEL Plus w/o navigation is 2021.
So, if you have a 2020 or 2021, download the update (link below.)
Unzip it to a FAT32 formatted USB drive, reset the system to factory defaults and install.

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