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Maybe I'm no good at searching these forums. I read the entire HID thread as well but I can't seem to find install help.

I purchased Xenon Supply HID kits for both my lows and fogs. The lows will be an easy install as they actually have a video online detailing the install for our specific car (2011 Sonata Limited 2.4 here).

My concern in the fog light install. The only install video I could find for the fogs is for a Veloster. Xenon Supply customer service stated it's just a plug-and-play for the fogs which led me to believe it was just the ballasts and lights installed.

However, when I just got the shipment in the mail and opened it, there is a second "relay" in the package which I assume is for the fogs. For those that do not know the Xenon Supply kit comes with a long "relay" which connects from the drivers side headlight to the passenger side headlight, meaning you don't have to use any of the wires on the OEM headlight.

I'm I not need this relay or do I do the fogs the same as the lows?
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