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Alright guys Im selling my Stance Coilovers GR+ for the YF Sonata. They will fit 2011 with no mods & 2012 & up u need 2011 stabilizer bar end links(20 bucks a pop) . Coilovers have 25K miles on them & still feel great. The suspension was calibrated to my exact specs then the front adjusters were removed.

Now heres the catch: I want a local or someone close to come get them as Im not gonna ship, I want the buyer to come & inspect before purchase. I dont sell crap & thats why I sell stuff face to face. This avoids some kid buying them, I ship them, they see it has scratches & they tell everyone I screwed them.

Plus Touge Factory is here in the Chicago burbs & if u decide to rebuild them in the future u just go to them for a rebuild.

Price is firm at $500 & they are still on the car. I can even install them for an extra cost.

By the way these are both my cars.

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